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The Balance You Need with Easy-To-Use Childcare Logs for Nannies and Babysitters

Are you a busy mom or dad that needs the best way to record your baby’s daily activities? Do you have a nanny or babysitter and want to give them the tools to care for your baby better?
Do you need an all-in-one resource for organizing and recording your baby’s days?
Nanilly Publishing offers attractive, complete, and easy-to-use journals for logging your everyday childcare activities.

Nanny Journal Plus

This is the elegant, stylish, and comprehensive baby tracking notebook for busy moms, dads, and professional nannies. Nanny Journal Plus is great for organizing and recording information. It is the simple and effective recording system for parents to read when they would like to see what their little ones have been doing while the parents are at work or out.

The Nanny Journal Plus is a childcare log created by nannies for nannies for everyday use. We have designed it to be an easy way to maintain and record childcare activities like diaper changes, naps, play activities, books read, food intake, medication taken, and any places they went to with the nanny. Also, you can record emergency information for quick access by your nanny.

It is the ideal daily care log for parents and nannies to work together.

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Babysitter Journal Plus

The Babysitter Journal Plus is the babysitter companion journal to keep parents informed. Based on the comprehensive system of the Nanny Journal Plus, this is the personalized babysitting log book. It lets your babysitter record all the activities of your children while you are gone. Food, naps, play activities, play locations, and more. Plus, you can write down emergency information for your babysitter in an easy to reach place.

The Babysitter Journal Plus is perfect for the parents and babysitters that want the best for their child’s development and growth. It helps the babysitter to know what to do, and keeps parents up-to-date on all the important matters that happened during babysitting hours.

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About Nanilly

Nanilly understands the busy schedules and long days of parents, nannies, and babysitters. And we know that you often won’t have the time for a full conversation on your child’s daily routines. But, you want to build a safe, caring, and healthy environment for your baby.

As professional nannies, we know the questions parents generally have. And so, we have designed these logs to give parents all the information they want on the care of their babies.

Nanilly fills that information gap with stylish, durable, and complete child care logs for the busy parent and professional caregiver. That’s why we are the premier publisher of childcare journals for parents, nannies, and babysitters.

About Nanilly