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The Family-Centered Publisher of Childcare Journals for Parents and Caregivers

Nanilly is a premier publishing company in Hawaii with a pure heart for families, children, and nannies. We are completely focused on the family. That’s why we design publications focused on improving family life and caregiving.

Because of our own experience as trained professional nannies, we value the role of other nannies highly. And we want to give them the tools as childcare professionals. We know the dedication and hard work it takes to deliver quality care services. That’s why we publish childcare journals for moms, dads, families, and caregivers so they can take care of the little ones that matter.

Our publications support our goals of being the premier publisher of useful reference materials, childcare guides, and companion journals to assist families and caregivers in their everyday duties. Parents, nannies, and babysitters enjoy using our long-lasting, high-quality journals daily.

Nanilly’s journals are easily accessible through Amazon. So, you can quickly buy a Nanny Journal Plus or a Babysitter Journal Plus. They are perfect for the new mom or dad, baby shower gifts, professional caregivers, and more.

Nanny Journal Plus

Keep track of all vital baby care details in one central place for your peace of mind. Effortlessly record your child’s schedule, activities, and playdates. Keep accurate records of your baby’s daily childcare activities. Provide nannies with essential emergency information. Keep parents updated on all their baby’s activities during the day. The Nanny Journal Plus is ideal for working mom and dads, professional nannies, and family caregivers.

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Babysitter Journal Plus

The Babysitter Journal Plus is a special daily planner designed specifically for babysitters. It is created to improve communication between parents and babysitters for a better working relationship. And for parents to keep track of all the activities of their child. Use your babysitter planner to plan activities and keep track of everything that goes on in your baby’s life.ers.

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